3pdt Electric Goddess Deluxe Flanger - PCB only


We are reluctantly selling the sought after 3pdt Electric Goddess Deluxe Flanger - PCB only at a great price. Don't pass it over - buy the 3pdt Electric Goddess Deluxe Flanger - PCB only online today!

Manufacturer Description

ATTENTION: This listing is for the PCB only, you will need to source your own parts. Color printed instructions and a Bill of materials are included, a schematic is NOT included. Build a clone of the Electric Goddess aka Deluxe Flanger, adapted for the MN3207 BBD Bucket Brigade chip. This unique Flanger has been featured on countless recordings since the late 70s and defined David Gilmour's tones. The circuit runs on one 9V block battery or 9V tip negative power supply unit (not included) and features Unity Gain, RF and VCC filtering, absolutely no hum and ticking leaking into the audio signal ! You will also need 6 IC's included, JRC4558, MN3207, LM324, LM311N, CD4013B, CD4049B. There are 3 lugs for 3 Potentiometers that adjust COLOR, RANGE and RATE. 3 internal trim pots adjust the BBD Bias, the COLOR pot range and the range of the clock frequency sweep.


build this awesome flanger pedal with this PCB

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