BearFoot FX Mint Green Mini Vibe by BearFoot FX


We are proud to stock the famous BearFoot FX Mint Green Mini Vibe.

With so many on offer these days, it is good to have a brand you can recognise. The BearFoot FX Mint Green Mini Vibe is certainly that and will be a superb purchase.

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Manufacturer Description

BearFoot FX Mint Green Mini Vibe Standard The MiniVibe is finally ... MINI !!!

and the gain control is on top !

The Mint Green Mini Vibe in not a 'Univibe clone' or a 'Leslie simulator'. Its a unique modualtion closer to a 3D bias tremolo with some extra movement, but none of the seasick wobble of the standard univibe sound. It becomes one with your sound rather than completely changing it into something else.

Its long been one of Bjorns' dreams to get this stunning modulation into the smaller size box, but this was never possible until we started pushing the envelope trying to produce some of his trickier designs. He also decided that it would be great to have access to the level boost trimmer thats always been inside the MGMV - its now on top so you can easily use it as a juicy harmonic enhancer with the Amplitude down ...( In fact I would like to rename it the Mint Green Modulating Vitalizer ; ] ) ... I usually leave it on with the amplitude down and then on those songs I need the vibe sound, I just roll it up - you can put a barrel knob on on the Ampl. pot and do this easily with your foot. ( see the Knob options page for more) . And the color is an exact match to the original. And it runs on standard 9V and will go from 8v-18v if you want to adjust the headroom and impact. BearFoot FX Mint Green Mini Vibe Standard Features: Controls for velocity, amplitude and gain Lush, organic modulation BJFE design Handmade in the USA 8-18 volt operation