Boss DI-1 Direct Box from Boss


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Manufacturer Description

DI-1 Direct BoxThe DI-1 is a high-quality, rugged direct box with a crystal clear sound.This versatile box facilitates connection of the high-impedance, unbalanced output from your instrument into the low-impedance, balanced input of a mixing console. Along with its balanced low impedance XLR output, two separate high impedance loop-through outputs are offered-one that's parallel wired off of the input jack, and one that's buffered to prevent your guitar from combining the D.I. and guitar amp signals. The XLR output offers a Ground (pin 1) Lift Switch that comes in handy for combating hums, buzzes and other ground loop-induced problems. A Phase switch selects whether pin 2 or 3 is hot, making the DI-1 potentially compatible with any mixer, regardless of wiring configuration.The DI-1 can be powered either from an internal 9V battery or phantom power supply. The unit's convenient power-conservation mode extends battery life.


High-quality direct box Crystal-clear sound

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