EWS Arion SCH-Z Mod (Chorus/Vibe) by Prosound Communications


We are delighted to present the brilliant EWS Arion SCH-Z Mod (Chorus/Vibe).

With so many available recently, it is good to have a brand you can trust. The EWS Arion SCH-Z Mod (Chorus/Vibe) is certainly that and will be a superb acquisition.

For this reduced price, the EWS Arion SCH-Z Mod (Chorus/Vibe) comes widely respected and is always a regular choice amongst most people. Prosound Communications have included some nice touches and this results in great value for money.

Manufacturer Description

Arion Chorus Pedal, modified by EWS Modified version of the popular Arion SCH-Z effects pedalAnalogue operationInstallation of a3 PDT switch which enables True Bypass switchingModified tone adjustment (TONE) for a much smoother sound, while retaining the original toneVivid and readable blue LEDChorus-Vibe-switch: Switchable between Chorus and VibeNote: due to the modifications the output OUT2 (STEREO) is no longer available and therefore the sound is MONO.RATE: controls the speed of the Chorus effectDepth: controls the intensity of the Chorus effectTONE: for setting the Trebles (highs) and Basses (lows)CHORUS/VIBE: selector switch for Chorus or Vibe effectOn/Off Status-LEDTrue BypassswitchingMetal housingInput/Output 1/4" (6,3 mm) jacksPower: 9V battery or optional 9V DC power supply, barrel type plug: 2,1 mm x 5,5 mm, polarity: center (-), ring (+)Dimensions: 125 (T) x 70 (W) x 60 (H) mmMade in JapanMany professional musicians use the Arion Stereo Chorus due to it's unique tone. However, there have been many request to modify the pedal to make it more durable as well as better sounding. Highly skilled engineers at E.W.S (Engineering Work Store), of Prosound Communications Inc. Japan, have crafted special modifications to meet the pro musicians' most severe demands.

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