FMR A.R.C. Dynamic FX Pedal by FMR

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Manufacturer Description

Although named for its ability to enhance the sound of many different instruments-it improves your instrument’s Articulation, Resonance and Clarity (A.R.C.)-the FMR Audio A.R.C. has a unique combination of features that you will find equally useful in the studio or on the stage.Features:A boost function that buffers and amplifies instrument signals to a higher levelA compressor that enhances your instrument’s tone and dynamicsA direct box to interface your instrument to live or recording studio equipmentA studio effect that may be used to process audio tracks from your favorite DAW or recorderSpecifications:ConnectorsPower: 2 x 2.1mm Coax jackAudio: 2 x 1/4” (1 input, 1 output) jack, 1 XLRM,balanced/differentialControls Rotary: Drive, Input & Amp levelsSwitches: Bypass, chassis mountedMeter: Blue LED showing process amountInput/Output ZInput: 1M OhmOutput: 1/4” 50 Ohm, XLR 100 OhmClip Point  +20dBu, 1kHz, 3%THD(0dB input gain, 0dB on amp control, Referred toInput)NoiseBetter than -90dBuFrequency response  20-20kHz, ±1dB without compressionOutput trim range  0 to -25dBPowerRequirements  9 to 12 V, AC or DC, @200mA minimum current(Power supply sold separately! We recommend the BOSS PSA-120)Dimensions  Top panel: 6.2” L x 5” WSide profile: 1.6” front, 2.5” rear (ref: bottom of feet)


4-in-1 Useful Effects - The A.R.C. provides a really nice sounding, high impedance ( avoid tone suckage) BOOST pedal followed by a special, tone-extracting and tone-enhancing COMPRESSOR. Pro-level power Subtle & Sweet Compression - For many players, pedal-based compressors are too over-the-top because they exhibit a suck-and-swell type compression. Fidelity - Although the A.R.C. is an effect, the audio electronics are designed so that the output signal, statically measured, very closely resembles the input signal-paraphrased definition of fidelity. Dynamic Range - The A.R.C. 114dB dynamic range exceeds the dynamic range of many recording studio devices, let alone the smaller dynamic ranges of the myriad stompbox effects. Studio Effect Power - Many guitar effects operate with a limited dynamic range determined by the use of a plain 9V power supply.

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