Malekko Dark Ekko 616 Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal by Malekko

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Manufacturer Description

The EKKO 616 DARK: muted, brooding, syrupy nastiness resides under your clean sound in a glorious mass of rich delay and heavy overtones. Gloss black on flat black, the menacing look of the EKKO 616 DARK is the perfect reflection of its heart of darkness. The sound is infused with the legacy of our long-discontinued hand built ECHO 600 DARK. The inception of the EKKO 616 DARK was the forehead-slapping moment when Josh, while riding his bike somewhere (in Portland), was angry that he didn't have an ECHO 600 DARK from five years ago. "Why can't we make a new dark delay?", he thought. "We do all the manufacturing in house, our enclosures are powder coated and screened locally, plus I know what I'm doing!", again, he thought. So into the laboratory he went to create this incredible sounding pedal! The EKKO 616 DARK is a full featured yet compact delay with external modulation controls, an optional buffer, internal level pot and 650ms of pure analog bliss! Every detail of the E616 DARK was scrutinized, data sheets compared, parts swapped, and hours of listening followed before we were satisfied. These resulting hand picked components of the highest quality are used to achieve what we consider the nicest sounding, darkest analog delay pedal we've made!


Voiced to have delays with the high frequencies rolled off, like a low-pass filter set to about 400Hz Much heavier and muted delay sound than most traditional analog delays Delay time from 6-650 milliseconds Operates on a 9V battery or optional 9VDC neg tip regulated power supply Proudly made in-house in Portland, Oregon using the highest quality components!