MXR Phase 99 - Phaser Pedal from MXR

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Manufacturer Description

The MXR Phase 90 is a legend. You've probably used one - but have you ever deployed two of them, in series or parallel? Well, now you can, with the Phase 99. MXR has loaded two Phase 90 circuits in a single Phase 90-size guitar pedal, giving you the an easy, cost-effective way to achieve the amazing sounds you get when the two circuits interact. You get tons of control, including separate rate controls and a Vintage switch that toggles between classic and modern phasing. You can even choose between series or parallel signal flow between the two circuits, and synchronize their rates. The MXR Phase 99. If you play electric guitar, you gotta check it out.


Two Phase 90 circuits in a single Phase 90-sized housingSeparate rate controlsModern & vintage, series to parallel, and sync switching controls

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