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BBE Boosta Grande MBG-20

  • C$99.99

BBE Boosta Grande ideal for a clean boost to bump up for guitar signal for solo sections when playing with our band also provides a clean boost in any effects loop to assist with leads and other passages without changing the tone.

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Availability: In Stock

Brand: BBE Sound

Product Code: MBG-20

Tags:  boosterbbeboosta grande

BBE Boosta Grande MBG-20 Features:

  • Transparent boost for electric guitar
  • Adds up to 20dB of gain to your signal
  • 1kHz treble roll-off prevents unwanted high-end harmonics
  • Metal film resistors for ultra-low-noise performance
  • All-analog circuitry for premium tone
  • True bypass leaves your tone alone when not in use

Boosta Grande BG-20

The all-analog Boosta Grande, a Guitar Player Editor’s Pick, is back in a new mini chassis to conserve space on your pedal board.

A clean boost pedal does nothing but pile on gain, right? Well, some do, but that doesn’t create the experience players want. You see, added gain will push the amp’s front end tubes harder, creating more of the amp’s own harmonics, but that alone will make the amp seem too bright, sacrificing the tonal balance in the process.

You see, we call Boosta Grande a “transparent clean boost” because it doesn’t change the tonal balance of the amp, even with Boosta’s max gain of +20dB slamming those tubes. To achieve a transparent boost experience, Boosta Grande mildly rolls off some top end starting at about 1kHz so that when the amp’s front end is driven harder with gain, the additional upper harmonics generated by the tubes aren’t excessive.

Boosta Grande’s mission to preserve amp amp’s tonal balance ends with careful post-EQ, but it starts with preserving the tone of your guitar. Boosta Grande’s 1meg Ohm input is about the same as the front end of a good Marshall or other premium tube amp, welcoming your guitar’s signal with wide-open arms, not loading down your pickups. In the middle of things, you can count on Boosta’s 1% metal-film resistors for consistent tone and a rugged circuit board for tour-proven reliability. When the Boosta isn’t engaged, a properly engineered true hardwire bypass means signal passes entirely around the circuit, from input jack to output jack without a hint of loading.

When a transparent boost is the experience you’re after, get a Boosta Grande and let your amp’s tubes sing their song with more gusto.

Pedal Type Booster
True Bypass Yes
Batteries No. Only runs on 9V DC power source
Current Draw 5mA
Inputs 1x1/4"
Outputs 1x1/4"
Height 49.5 mm
Depth 90 mm
Width 40 mm
Weight 300 grams

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