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Eleca Acoustic Preamp

Eleca Acoustic Preamp lets you do 2 things: 1 . Improve the sound of your acoustic guitar and deli..

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Eleca Bass Expander Preamp

Bassists these days are looking for an all-round sound optimization tool placed before the mixer o..

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Eleca Black Hurricane Octave

This is a version  of the Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer...

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Eleca Crush Fuzz

True BypassLevel, Tone, Gate , GainSpecially Tuned Gate Control for Synth break-offsLevel for the ou..

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Eleca EBB-1 Bass Envelope Filter

This Bass twin envelope filtar is an auto wah that recreated the vintage sound of the bass balls...

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Eleca ESD-1 Sustain Distortion

This is a high quality version clone of the Russian Sovtek EHX Big muff.Solid construction and tons ..

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Eleca EVD-1 Tube Distortion

The device itself: Tube (12AX7 / ECC83) powered pedal. Tube distortion preamp. Bypass Footswitch,..

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