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Guitar & Bass Pedal Effect Guide

Reference Guide to Connect Guitar and Bass Pickups

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This simple guide helps you understand how to connect your single, humbucker and sopabar active and passive guitar and bass pickups.

D.Effects Iceberg and Traveller High End Boutique Sound from China

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D.Effects produces handmade boutique guitar effects at a fraction of the cost of a mainstream brand. It uses high quality electronic components and innovative circuits to produce useful yet innovative sounds.

Creating an Electric Guitar Effects Pedal on Your Own

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Electric guitar effects pedal is used to change or improve the tone of the instrument. Some of the popular effects today include delay, distortion, phaser, and chorus. Each effect pedal has a processor inside that modifies the signal of the guitar before it reaches the amplifier. The level of the signal can be adjusted with a knob found on the device. Creating one’s own effects pedal is a good way of having a unique sound. It is a simple DIY project for guitar players.

Pros and Cons of Boutique Pedals

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Must Have Pedals for Beginners

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As a beginning guitar player one thing that always generates a lot of excitement is the use of a guitar pedals. When you use a guitar player you can get a lot of unique and fun sounds and this is all part of the experimenting process as a new player. Guitar pedals can be confusing, so here’s some basic pedals you should have as a beginner.

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