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Little Bear G3 Tube Overdrive Pedal

  • C$66.99

Warm and very good amp like tube tones from (almost) clean boost to tube (amp) overdrive, even with the original 6N4-J tube that can be replaced with a 12AX7.

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Availability: In Stock

Brand: Little Bear

Product Code: Little Bear G3

Tags:  ratlittle bearg3tubepreampoverdrive

Generally the pedal produces really nice (classic) British tones (Plexi to JCM-range), different tubes and different voltages result in more or less different, more vintage or more modern voiced sounds.Lower voltages sound even warmer, rounder, while higher voltages produce more headroom, dynamics, a louder output as well as more intense, more biting, more British sounding highs and more overtones, experimenting is recommended!
Can be powered with 9-12V AC as well as with 12-18V DC

1 Amp minimum required.

Warm and very good amp like tube tones from (almost) clean boost to tube (amp) overdrive, even with the original 6N4-J tube...
Combined circuit (IC-chip JRC4558 and 6N4-J tube)

The included tube (6N4-J) can be easily replaced with a 12AX7.

This is tube + OP chip pedal. it's powered by 12VDC or 12~18VAC, so. usually you can use it with most of your other pedal power supply (not included)

Pedal Type Tube overdrive
True Bypass Yes
Power Source Can be powered by 12VDC (center negative) or 12~18VAC, (not included). 1 Amp
Batteries No
Current Draw 500 mA
Inputs 1/4 TS
Outputs 1/4 TS
Height 3.8 cm
Depth 11.7 cm
Width 8.8 cm
Weight 300 gram

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