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Pros and Cons of Boutique Pedals
10 Aug

Pros and Cons of Boutique Pedals

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So what exactly is a boutique guitar pedal? This are guitar pedals that are usually made by lesser known companies and individuals to suit a certain sound. For example, they may be a certain type of distortion pedal. These pedals are usually made to a high standard and are quite expensive when compared to regular retailers that make pedals. Think of these custom pedals like you would a custom amplifier, they serve a specific purpose.

Pros of Boutique Pedals

Boutique pedals have some advantages to them. For the most part, these pedals are made very well. They use quality components so they are going to last you a long time. These pedals are also unique so you’ll get a unique sound out of them. This can help you create that signature tone you have been looking for that’s unique to you. If you have been looking for a certain sound but can’t find it in a regular guitar pedal then a boutique pedal may be just what you’re looking for.

You may also be able to have a pedal custom designed to meet your own specifications. If you are into gear and are looking to create different unique sounds then you may find these tones by using boutique style pedals.

Cons of Boutique Pedals

These pedals have some disadvantages as too. A boutique pedal can be very expensive and often twice the amount of a regular pedal. It’s not uncommon to spend hundreds just on one pedal which can add up. If you’re low on funds like a lot of musicians are, then these pedals might not be for you. The average beginner can forget about boutique pedals unless they have a lot of cash to blow on gear. You may be able to get a new amplifier which can improve your tone a great deal for the cost of just one boutique pedal so the cost can sometimes be a big drawback to owning one of these pedals. Another drawback is there’s really not a lot of innovation in these pedals. They are essentially like a MOD to an original sound. There are only a few manufacturers that push the boundaries on these pedals and crate something truly great. You may be able to get by with something a lot cheaper than a boutique pedal.
In some cases a certain boutique pedal may be hard to find because there’s not a lot of them made. A small producer simply can’t crank out the volume that a company such as BOSS can, for example. It can sometime be hard to find the pedal that you need and you end up paying top dollar for that pedal.

Advice on Buying Boutique Guitar Pedals

It’s up to each individual guitar player to find the pedals that work the best for them. It’s all about experimentation and the best sound may or not be found in a boutique style pedal. There are countless great pedals out there that don’t cost a lot. For some people the cost of a boutique pedal may be justified if you absolutely have to have the sound that that boutique pedal creates. You need to experiment and find the sounds that work the best for you, not what someone else says. A cheaper distortion for example, may work better for you than some $300 boutique distortion pedal. It’s all about your own taste and style. Just because the pedal is expensive doesn’t mean it has the tone that you’re looking for.

You’ll only find a good tone by experimenting and boutique pedals may or may not be a part of that

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