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Guitar & Bass Pedal Effect Guide

What makes the Valeton Loft Series Pedals so Good?

Posted By: John Comments: 0 Times Read: 2624

Valeton loft guitar effects are highly regarded for their sound, solid construction and affordable price

Isolated Pedal Power Supply using Current Doubler and Voltage Doubler

Posted By: John Comments: 0 Times Read: 1021

If you want the bets cleanest sound for your guitar and bass pedals you need a high quality fully isolated power supply. The benefits of electrical isolation are many.

Silicon Fuzz better than Germanium Fuzz?

Posted By: John Comments: 0 Times Read: 748

This articles compares the pros and cons of using Germanium and Silicon to generate distortion on guitar effect pedals

Solid State 12AX7 Tube compared with Traditional 12AX7 Vacuum Tube

Posted By: Comments: 0 Times Read: 1229

This article compares from a technical view the similarities and differences between a solid state 12ax7 tube and a taditional vacuum 12ax7 tube

Reference Guide to Connect Guitar and Bass Pickups

Posted By: John Comments: 0 Times Read: 591

This simple guide helps you understand how to connect your single, humbucker and sopabar active and passive guitar and bass pickups.

D.Effects Iceberg and Traveller High End Boutique Sound from China

Posted By: John Comments: 0 Times Read: 1212

D.Effects produces handmade boutique guitar effects at a fraction of the cost of a mainstream brand. It uses high quality electronic components and innovative circuits to produce useful yet innovative sounds.

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