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Reference Guide to Connect Guitar and Bass Pickups
07 Jul

Reference Guide to Connect Guitar and Bass Pickups

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Connecting correctly guitar and bass pickups is not complicated as long as you know what you are doing. Generally colors are standardized.

Doesn't matter if they are humbuckers, single coils, for Telecaster, Stratoscaster, LesPaul, etc

For example generally:

  • Black Wire= Ground
  • Green,Yellow, Red Wire= Signal/Live

Usually this is common but please check your wiring instructions first to make sure.

Please click on the image below to go to  the Artec Pickups wiring guide.

humbucker and single guitar pickup  installation guide

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Artec Giovanni GCS-1 for Strat Bridge

Many single coil pickup users tend to replace bridge pickup to get hotter and heavier guitar tone following the overall music trend. Custom SINGLE is created for hotter sound than Vintage Single pickup series. The Custom SINGLE series is created for all round music style with more enhanced middle and articulated tonal implication. We also calculated signal peak and calibrated bridge single pickup for balanced tone. Based on traditional essential single coil pickup sound, you can use this pickups for most types of music styles. It brings more output with Special sound. Our customizing wire is made with same coating chemistry. If you are looking for existence of enhanced hot single with balanced tone, The Custom SINGLE series will be perfect for replacement of your pickup. GCS-1 is created for hotter sound than Vintage Single pickup series. It has more sustain, full range of tone shape, and balanced high output. This pickup still has vintage color tone with stable balance on the neck and bridge positions. Each characteristic pickup offers various styles of sounds. This GCS-1 pickup set has versatile tonality and single preferring guitar players‘ popular sound. Here is the general tone guidance about GCS-1 set. General tone guidance: Chunky crunch blues sound (GCS-1 neck pickup), sensitive pure clean sound (2 and 4 pickup selector positions on the GCS-1 with S-S-S set, hum-cancelling operation with Reverse Wounded middle pickup), gorgeous mid range and balanced clear sound (GCS -1 Middle pickup, RWRP - Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity), Fat, rich, and powerful high output, with more sustains (GCS-1 Bridge pickup). For these reasons, different wire guages are used in GCS-1 set. Each neck and middle pickup is wound with special #42 gauge formvar coil to add more rich and powerful vintage sound. GCS-1 bridge pickup is wound with #43 gauge formvar to get thick and full mid range of tone shape. -Each pickup coil turns is measured by customized and computerized coil winder for accurate resistance and tension. -Alnico5 magnet, slightly beveled pole- piece, black fiber bobbin, cloth wire are used to get custom sound with authentic vintage tone. -Each different staggered pole piece height can make you feel the delicacy of each string sound movement with your own picking attack. ..

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Artec Giovanni GCH-1 Humbucker Bridge Pickup

GCH-1is wound with heavy formvar coil to get more presence and full range of classic tone. Our computerized coil winder made it possible to get balanced coil winding which enables exact DC Resistance for each bobbin. Alnico 5 Magnets are used with exact gauss measurement. Each adjustable pole piece is installed by individual motorized screw injector. Special German silver bottom plate and improved cloth wire are used to get bright sound and punch. We use special wax-dipping with exact ratio of paraffin and Bees wax to eliminate micro phonic noise. GCH-1 is also wax-dipped 2 times with exact melting point. GCH-1 has sweet, rich, tasteful, and gorgeous tone shape. Each neck and bridge position pickup has well balanced and smooth sound. Both pickups has bright colorful texture and warm rich tone. It also works very well in the neck position of a clear bright sound. When you play  heavy drive sound with the GCH-1 H + H set, you can make fat, rich, and authentic drive sound. 4-conductor cable is available to get parallel and coil-split options...

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Artec Giovanni GCH-2 Humbucker Bridge Pickup

GCH-2 neck pickup is wound with #42 heavy formvar coil to make warm and rich neck sound with clarity of tone shape. You can hear the warm solid clean sound and nice tonal texture classic drive sound.  You can adjust each string balance with screwed pole piece for balanced tone shape...

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