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Effects 101

If you are new or starting in the world of guitar and bass effect you can learn the ABC's and basics of guitar effects and guitar pedals with our guide. Understand what pedal does. How to connect them,  What is modulation,  what is the difference between overdrive, distortion and fuzz. What is analog and digital chorus, reverb. What is the purpose of a boost pedal and more.

Isolated Pedal Power Supply using Current Doubler and Voltage Doubler

Posted By: John Comments: 0 Times Read: 866

If you want the bets cleanest sound for your guitar and bass pedals you need a high quality fully isolated power supply. The benefits of electrical isolation are many.

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Solid State 12AX7 Tube compared with Traditional 12AX7 Vacuum Tube

Posted By: Comments: 0 Times Read: 1080

This article compares from a technical view the similarities and differences between a solid state 12ax7 tube and a taditional vacuum 12ax7 tube

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Must Have Pedals for Beginners

Posted By: John Comments: 0 Times Read: 573

As a beginning guitar player one thing that always generates a lot of excitement is the use of a guitar pedals. When you use a guitar player you can get a lot of unique and fun sounds and this is all part of the experimenting process as a new player. Guitar pedals can be confusing, so here’s some basic pedals you should have as a beginner.

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Understanding Distortion and Overdrive Pedals

Posted By: John Comments: 0 Times Read: 528

One of the basic pedals every guitar player starts out with is a distortion or an overdrive pedal. These pedals allow you or play all the standard “rock” songs out there. There are several things you need to understand about distortion and overdrive pedals.

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Should I Use Digital Effects?

Posted By: John Comments: 0 Times Read: 514

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Guitar Pedals All Guitarists Need to Own

Posted By: John Comments: 0 Times Read: 475

As a guitar player there are several guitar effect pedals you simply cannot do without. These pedal help to shape your overall sound. The bulk of your sound will come from a good amplifier, but to kick up your tone a notch, nothing beats a good stomp box. Here’s some pedals you should consider adding to your overall rig.

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