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Belcat DLY-303 Delay Sold out
Belcat DLY-303 Delay

The Belcat 303 has a great warm analog sound and is one of Belcat's best. It has a maximum of 350m..

Sold out
Belcat DST-301 Distortion

The Belcat DST-301 Distortion Effects Pedal delivers a warm, rich and detailed distortion while al..

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Cruzer EF-DL Analog Delay

Housed in a rugged steel case and by the use of analogue circuitry with modern components the Cr..

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Cruzer EF-DT Distortion

 From soft mellow guitar distortion to a hard crunch; this is a great pedal for Electric Guit..

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Cruzer EF-PS Phaser

Phaser. Housed in solid steel casing with absolutely clear and warm phaser sound, this Phaser peda..

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Cruzer Hep Daddy Tremolo

This vintage looking Tremolo is solid and great sounding for its price. The tremolo is controlled by..

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Cruzer Stomp Comp Vintage Compressor

The Cruzer Vintage Compressor pedal lowers output sound relative to your input signal, producing..

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Dr Tones CHR-101 Chorus

Classic analogue chorus effectVery simple to control Rate and Depth controls for different chorus to..

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Dr Tones DLY-101 Delay

Classic analogue delay effect in a compact and robust pedalIntuitive interface that is very easy to ..

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Dr Tones OVD-101 Overdrive

Super pedal. Incredible value for money. Perfect for blues, country-rock or the rhythmic crunch. Tru..

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Dr. Tones PSU-10 Adjustable Power Supply

Dr Tone PSU10 ‘s design is the fact that it has the footprint of a standard effect pedal, so it wi..

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EKO Power Commander Adjustable Power Supply

EKO Power Commander design is the fact that it has the footprint of a standard effect pedal, so it..

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