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Red Witch Fuzz God III Fuzz Pedal Sold out
Red Witch Fuzz God III Fuzz Pedal

The Fuzz God III is the possibly the most versatile, compact and affordable Fuzz pedal ever made. ..

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Red Witch Zeus Bass Fuzz Suboctave Pedal Sold out
Red Witch Zeus Bass Fuzz Suboctave Pedal

Behold! The Red Witch Zeus! Greek God of Sky, Thunder, Bass Fuzz and Suboctave! Featuring two pedal..

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Valeton Dapper Indie Effects Strip Sold out
Valeton Dapper Indie Effects Strip

Specially designed for ambient/indie/experimental rockers and troublemakers, the Dapper Indie lets..

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Artec 70's Drive Blender

SE-7DB has two different kind of distortion circuits inside. This system can ..

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Artec Analog Delay with Tone Expander

ADL2 can control the Tone of the Delay Sound from Tab Delay to Long Delay ..

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Artec Fuzztown Fuzz

FZT1 is specially produced to use these 2 fuzz Characters at the same ti..

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Artec Hyper Gain Distortion

SE-HPG Hyper Gain makes Traditional Distortion Sound with dangerous high ..

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Artec Octave Drive

- Vintage type lower octave modulation - Lower octave modulation phase selector switch - Custom Di..

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CoolMusic Fuzz Distortion

True Bypass foot switch for crystal-clear signal thru Heavy duty metal foot switch, knobs and o..

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CoolMusic Multiple Distortion Sold out
CoolMusic Multiple Distortion

Integrates 6 types of heavy metal distortion effects High-precision AD/DA converter chip, profe..

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Cuvave Fuzz Sold out
Cuvave Fuzz

This Fuzz is designed for guitar with very special tone like the servious distortion. We have trie..

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Little Bear BS1 Bass Fuzz Pedal

It's marketed as bass only, but you can get some cool sounds with guitar too.This is a Little Bear B..

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