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Artec Giovanni GSOAP Soapbar Pickup Neck

  • C$39.99

The Gsoap is recreated to reflect substitute for replacement of Charlie Christian’s pickup after world war II. Many legend players such as Pete Townshend played with this type of pickups and this characteristic sound was popular in 1960 to 1970`s. This u

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Brand: Artec Giovanni

Product Code: G SOAP Neck

Tags:  giovannisoapbargsoappickupneck

After the Second World War, one of the most famous single pickup was introduced to guitar players. Soap bar style pickup has been big part of late 40s and 50s rockabilly and jazz guitar scene. We introduce this legendary famous single pickup, Soapbar style GSOAP and soap bar style with dog ear GDOG.


Coil Plain Enamel
DC Resistance 7.6 KOhm
Magnet AlNiCo 5 Bar
Output 1070 mV (moderate)
Position Neck
Type Single Bobbin
Wiring 2 conductor

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