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BBE Sonic Stomp MS-92

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  • C$149.99

The BBE sonic stop does a pretty good job of converting the sound of no matter what instrument or audio device you plug into it, it simply sounds 100 times better

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Brand: BBE Sound

Product Code: MS-92


BBE Mini Sonic Stomp MS-92 Pedal Features:

 The BBE sonic stop does a pretty good job of converting the sound of no matter what instrument or audio device you plug into it, it simply sounds 100 times better

  • Sonic Maximizer circuitry injects your tone with incredible note definition and clarity
  • Lo Contour control adds meaty chunk to your low end
  • 1-Mohm input impedance ensures proper pickup loading
  • Delivers 1-kohm output impedance when engaged
  • 1% metal-film resistors provide consistency
  • Top-notch tone from high-voltage poly caps
  • Reliable military-spec circuit board
  • True hardwire bypass preserves your tone

Whether you’re a guitarist or bassist, get ready to be amazed. With Sonic Stomp’s proprietary BBE Sonic Maximizer technology, you’ll hear your amp cut through the band mix better with dramatically improved note definition in chords and solos. Even with a wall of distortion, the distinct harmonic elements of each note can be heard like never before. Time-based effects take on a level of realism and dimension you never thought possible. And if low-end punch is your thing, you’ll discover the Lo Contour control is the ticket to meaty chunk without the mud.

BBE Maximizer. What it is?

Loudspeakers have difficulty working with the electronic signals supplied by an amplifier. These difficulties cause such major phase and amplitude distortion that
the sound reproduced by speaker differs significantly from the sound produced by the original source.
In the past, these problems proved unsolvable and were thus delegated to a position of secondary importance in
audio system design. However, phase and amplitude integrity is essential to accurate sound reproduction.
Research shows that the information which the listener translates into the recognizable characteristics of a live
performance are intimately tied into complex time and amplitude relationships between the fundamental and harmonic components of a given musical note or sound. These relationships define a sound's “sound”.
When these complex relationships pass through a speaker, the proper order is lost. The higher frequencies are delayed. A lower frequency may reach the listener's ear
first or perhaps simultaneously with that of a higher frequency. In some cases, the fundamental components
may be so time-shifted that they reach the listener's ear ahead of some or all of the harmonic components.

This change in the phase and amplitude relationship on the harmonic and fundamental frequencies is technically called “envelope distortion.” The listener perceives
this loss of sound integrity in the reproduced sound as “muddy” and “smeared.” In the extreme, it can become
difficult to tell the difference between musical instruments, for example, an oboe and a clarinet.
BBE Sound, Inc. conducted extensive studies of numerous speaker systems over a ten year period. With this
knowledge, it became possible to identify the characteristics of an ideal speaker and to distill the corrections
necessary to return the fundamental and harmonic frequency structures to their correct order. While there are
differences among various speaker designs in the magnitude of their correction, the overall pattern of correction needed is remarkably consistent.

Pedal Type Expander/Maximizer
True Bypass Yes
Batteries No. Only runs on 9V DC power source
Current Draw 5mA
Inputs 1x1/4"
Outputs 1x1/4"
Height 49.5 mm
Depth 90 mm
Width 40 mm
Weight 300 grams

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Peter Bjerkelund - 18/01/2023

The final polish on your sound and tone. I was very happy to hear what this little simple thing did! I saw that Ed Friedland used one, then found Steve Araujo at G&L doing a demo for bass (which is what I was after). Its a very subtle pedal but makes such a wonderful, rich difference. I would say that an apology for it would be: Your vision is pretty good as is, but you have mild prescription glasses to use for that tack sharp focus that brings everything comfortably into detail. That's what the Sonic Stomp does for your tone. Just add one, you will not regret it.

Mark Jenk - 26/05/2022

The BBE sonic stomp maximizer is an "animal" very much its own, but of an indisputable quality and usefulness, it offers magnificent results, basically it brings a touch of valve warmth to the cold digital effects. I would say have it on and active on my pedal board 90% of the time. , I love its sound and I always use it when recording and specially on live playing with my band. Best $120 I have spend on my pedal board.

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