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Pedal Type

Equalizer, Compressor, Expander Pedals

Valeton Comprince Vintage Compressor

Features:     ● Sound based on vintage studio rack-mount     ..

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Valeton Loft CS-10 Analog Compressor

FEATURESBased on the Boss CS-1 ●  Natural,  warm  compressed  tone  with&..

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Artec Graphic Equalizer

SE-EQ8 is the 8 band-Graphic Equalizer with special low noise technology. ..

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Artec Graphic Equalizer with Chromatic Tuner

SE-GEQ is the 8 band-Equalizer with Chromatic Tuner. When pushing the Tuner Switch, the SE-GEQ bec..

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Artec Outboard 3 band Acoustic EQ

 SE-OE3 Outboard 3 band Acoustic EQ. it's the perfect companion for a Passive Pick-up on an Aco..

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Artec Parametric Equalizer

SE-PEQ is the Parametric Equalizer for Professional players. Unlike Graphic EQ, frequency of Param..

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Artec Turbo Compressor

SE-CMP is the very dynamic compressor for Electric guitar In case of Over Input, it works as Limit..

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BBE Sonic Stomp MS-92

BBE Mini Sonic Stomp MS-92 Pedal Features: The BBE sonic stop does a pretty good job of convert..

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Caline Python Compressor

 A compact, yet surprisingly powerful and versatile compressor from the Caline G Series. The Py..

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Caline Stack Attack Overdrive / Compressor

You’ll wonder how you lived without it! A pedal that’s MADE for stacking! Put this after fuzz ath th..

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CoolMusic 6 Band Equalizer

18dB of serious cut or boost, 6-Band EQ in the effect loop of your amp for a hug, accept lead boost...

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Cruzer Stomp Comp Vintage Compressor

The Cruzer Vintage Compressor pedal lowers output sound relative to your input signal, producing..

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Lilt GB-CP Studio Optical Compressor

Please select color. Available in red or black Specifications: Current Drain: Less than 30mA Ou..

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Lilt GB-CPX Studio Optical Compressor

This GB-CPX is a professional studio compressor in compact pedal format. It takes an instrument su..

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