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Lilt GB-CP Studio Optical Compressor

  • C$79.99

This GB-CP is a professional studio compressor in compact pedal format. It takes an instrument such as an electric guitar or bass guitar.

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Availability: Out Of Stock

Brand: Lilt

Product Code: GB-CP

Tags:  compressor

Please select color. Available in red or black

Current Drain: Less than 30mA
Output impedance: 10K ohm
Input impedance: 500K ohm
Dimensions: 4.5*3.0*2.0 inches
Weight: 315g

  • The PhotoOptical compressor is what gives GB-CP unique character. It makes an instrument sound denser and playing seem more even for “produced” results.
  • Simple to use yet extremely powerful, the gb-cp will give the gloss of a professional studio production to all your performances. It is equally at home both live and in the studio.
  • This GB-CP is a professional studio compressor in compact pedal format. It takes an instrument such as an electric guitar or bass. Amplifies or compresses it and restores average volume after compression.

Sets the average compression ratio applied to signals above threshold. Lower settings(anti-clockwise)have less effect. Turning the control clockwise increases the ratio and makes the effects of compression more dramatic. 

Sets the level of signal(or threshold) above which the signal starts to be compressed. Turning the compression control clockwise lowers the compression threshold, and drives the compressor harder. 

Sets how quickly the compressor reacts to peaks above threshold. Turn this control anticlockwise for a quick response. Slower(clockwise) allows the fast leading edge of percussive sounds to pass uncompressed for a moment. This example of “changing the enevlop”of a sound makes instruments sound more percussive. 

Sets how long the compressor goes on squashing the sound for, once the signal has dropped below threshold. If it stopped instantly there would be very noticeable modulation or ”pumping” of the sound. 

The GR led is the compression indicator light, its brightness is related to the level of compression.

Pedal Type Optical Compressor
True Bypass Yes
Batteries No. Only runs on 9V DC power source
Current Draw 30mA
Inputs 1x1/4"
Outputs 1x1/4"
Height 49.5 mm
Depth 90 mm
Width 40 mm
Weight 310 grams

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