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AMT Electronics Legend Amps V1 Guitar preamp with Power supply

  • C$239.99

AMT V-1 is designed around the specs of the classy UK British VOX amplifier. All tones from juicy clean to smooth but punchy low gain overdrive are fitted in this little box.

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Brand: AMT Electronics

Product Code: Legend Amps V1

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AMT Electronics V1 Legend Amps – JFET guitar preamp

Features overview

Includes power supply

Sound Character and Operation Principles of AMT Legend Amps V-1:

You can use AMT V-1 to build a multi-channel preamp from mono channels of AMT Legend Amps series – P-1, B-1, M-1, R-1, S-1. The series is constantly expanding thus giving you a chance to obtain a unique 100% analog tool for your guitar sound shaping.

AMT V-1 is a preamp with internal Clean-to-Low-gain-Overdrive channel and the possibility of switching to external channel (any auxiliary overdrive effect) by means of a foot switch. AMT V-1 has the insert loop of serial type with standard -10dB level intended for connection of auxiliary effects and boosting the effect signal to standard 0dB level or higher (MASTER VOLUME), which is sufficient to operate directly with power amplifier. In case of connection to a mixer the preamp has speaker simulator mode. The mode can be selected by the switch loicated on the left panel of the device.

– AMT Electronics V1 comes with 12V PS included
– AMT V-1 provides the built-in power hub to supply 9…12V to external channel and auxiliary effects.
– Works great with an overdrive/booster pedal in front of V-1

In case of connection to Ch. send, Ch. return AMT V-1 preamp there is a bi-color LED indicator (located on the front panel):

– Clean channel AMT V-1 – green,
– Lead external channel – red.

If AMT V-1 is used in mono mode (without external overdriven channels) the LED is single-colored and the footswitch acts as «Bypass» Clean channel AMT V-1.

“AMT Legend Amps” is a new revolutionary series of one-channel preamps (JFET-preamps) from AMT Electronics, developed with principally new approach to guitar sound formation.

The technology of analog modeling of the physical processes occurring in real vacuum tube limiting the guitar signals was used as the basis for the new guitar pedals series.

It became possible due to the application of original circuitry solutions.

The series’ channels structuring conforms to the processes occurring in real tube-based devices. It results in formation of the structure of limitation, dynamics and range close to he ones used in popular tube amplifiers.

Having compact sizes and low energy consumption characteristic to semiconductor-based effects AMT Legend Amps possess a number of unique features found in real tube preamps and amplifiers:

• Preamps included into AMT Legend Amps series provide excellent playing dynamics characteristic to real tube-based devices and are in no way inferior to them.

• With the limitation range similar to tube channel the preamps of the series ensure terrific thickness and power to the resulting sound. Working with AMT Legend Amps preamps you won’t feel the urge to cut out the most informative middle frequencies, which in turn will provide great readability of your guitar in the sound mix.

• Like tube preamps AMT Legend amps provide gradual increase of the limiting stages number as the gain grows.

• The series’ preamps use passive circuits of tone shaping which are in full conformity with the tone controls during original tube overdrives.

• The high level of output signal of AMT Legend Amps (+10 dB at max Level position) corresponds to the tube preamps’ output signal levels. Thus you have adjustable signal level which makes it possible to connect the preamps to any input (RETURN, DIRECT, LINE etc.) including INPUT POWER AMP.

Pedal Type Preamp
True Bypass Yes
Power Source AC/DC Adapter 12V 1,25A center negative (included)
Batteries No. Only uses power supply
Current Draw 6 mA
Inputs 1/4 TS for your guitar connection FX. RETURN – input for connection with an external effect’s output. FX. SEND – output for connection with an external effect’s inpuT
Outputs CH. SEND - output for connection to external preamp’s input. CH. RETURN – input for connection with an external preamp’s output (please, use only mono jack). OUTPUT – for connection with an power amplifier’s input or mixer’s line input (selected by AMP/CAB.SIM switch) AMP/CAB. SIM - switches between output signal levels (emulation cabinet on/off) of OUTPUT.
Height 83 mm
Depth 125 mm
Width 103 mm
Weight 300 gram

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