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AMT Electronics PE-15 Power Eater Load Box

  • C$159.99

AMT Electronics PE-15 is a reactive load. PE-15 lets you load your power amplifier by a reactive load equivalent (8 Ohm), which is close by its electrical parameters to a real guitar cabinet speaker. It can be used with tube or solid s

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Brand: AMT Electronics

Product Code: PE-15

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AMT Power Eater PE-15 – is a passive reactive load box.

This device lets you load your tube amplifier by a load equivalent, which is close by its electrical parameters to a real guitar cabinet speaker (impedance 8 Ohm).

The output power of your amplifier can be as high as 15 Watts. If you use PE-15 as a DI-box only with an external cabinet plugged into “CAB 100%” socket, the internal load is switched off and the output power of your amplifier can be as high as 150Watts. When the external guitar cabinet is plugged into “CAB 10%” socket, your amplifier is still be full loaded, but the cabinet will be getting 10% of amp’s power.

1. It is a Load Box with the 8 Ohm impedance for low power guitar amplifiers (up to 15 Watts).
All guitarists well know that if you have a tube amplifier, it cannot be used without a load (a guitar cabinet). Using an
amplifier without a load simply will “kill” it.  So now many guitarists use Load Boxes.
2. It has a power attenuator which lets you use a Guitar Cabinet with 10% of amp’s output power.
3. It can be used as a DI-box with an up to 150 Watts power amplifier and a guitar cabinet. It lets you reduce a power
amp’s output signal to a line level (-10dBV).

How it works.
PE-15 lets you "noiselessly" load your power amplifier and send the output signal of the amplifier (reduced by the
level  )  to  an  external cabinet  simulator  (for  example - Pangaea  CP-100),  to  the  input  of  your  sound  card for later
processing by a software IR cabinet simulator.
There is  an  opportunity  to  plug  in  a  real  guitar  cabinet  (into  “CAB  100%”  socket), in  this  case,  the  internal  load
equivalent will be switched off and your power amplifier will be working on the real guitar cabinet. In this case, the
amp’s output power can be as high as 150 Watts and PE-15 will work as a DI-box, it lets you reduce the amp’s signal to
a line level of your sound card or a mixer input.
PE-15 lets you plug in a cabinet (into “CAB. 8 Ohm 10%” socket) using only 10% of the power of your amplifier and
the amplifier will be still fully loaded. It lets you use the guitar cabinet at low loudness.
Special schematic measures were implemented, which lets practically do not affect the character of amp’s load when a
cabinet is being plugged into the socket “CAB. 8 Ohm 10%”. The cabinet gets the signal which has little difference
from the amplifier output signal, only on a smaller level.

Impedance 8 Ohm
Pedal Type Load Box
Power Source Not required
Height 46 mm
Depth 110 mm
Width 100 mm
Weight 700 gram

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