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AMT Electronics 12AX7 Warm Stone Solid State Vacuum Tube

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This is a solid state version of a 12ax7 vacuum tube. Electronically almost identical and when you do a blind hearing test using this tube in your effect, preamp or amplifier you will not notice any difference. Also you have the added benefit of no need t

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Brand: AMT Electronics

Product Code: 12AX7 LE

Tags:  amt12ax7warm stonevacuum tubepreampsolid state

 A 12AX7 vacuum tube wears out mainly due to usage and heat and has to be replaced every 5000 to 6000 hours of use. With this solid state version you get identical performance and avoid the time and expense of replacing the tubes in your effects, preamps and amplifiers.

This is a Light Edition version of the hit solid-state functional analog of the 12AX7 – 12AX7 Warm Stone tube!

The only difference between the LE version and the usual 12AX7 Warm Stone tube is solely in appearance. Due to the fact that instead of the expensive (although aesthetically very beautiful) aluminum housing of the "tube", the LE version uses a transparent heat shrink, it was possible to significantly reduce the cost of production and, as a result, the retail price. At the same time, according to all other technical characteristics, the LE version is ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL to the "full version" of the Warm Stone tube!

Before you buy, make sure that the anode (plate) voltage in your device at is least 30V.


Warm Stone tubes feature:

  • 100% functional analog of vacuum 12AX7/ECC83 tubes (same size too)
  • Constant characteristics during the whole service period - no need to replace them almost at all!
  • Blind tests show no difference in sound character between WS and vacuum tubes
  • The original design and cool look (orange line glows when they're on)
  • Dimensions: 22/22/54 mm
  • Type: functional analog of tubes 12AX7, ECC83
  • Weight: 0,03 kg

Review taken from Audiofanzine

Following a five 12AX7 preamp lamp having passed away, I naturally want to put in an order.
Basically I use JJ Electronics, a reference to a guitar amp tube Brunetti XL ² Revo sending wood!
And then I came across ... that! manufactured by AMT in Siberia, they are known for their preamp and preamp pedal for guitar, all electronic, without lights, big sound special.
Yes, no lights I say! So what does that mean, me seeking to replace lamps?
Well these aficionados of the country of vodka is manufactured lamps designed e ... without lights! Of electronic lamps actually!
These were thought so to respect the behavior of a lamp on the frequency response, gain, etc ...
Here is the link for the characteristics (http://amtelectronics.com/products/warmstone-tubes-solidstate-analogs/12ax7ws-warmstone-12ax7-tubes-solid-state-equivalents/#prettyPhoto).
It is a relatively standard 12AX7/ECC83 without a pronounced hyper character.
The benefits cited are: a period of almost unlimited life (no wear) and no warm-up time!
Not bad if it sounds good, others cry Heresy: a tube amp for LAMP is purchased. Brief curiosity prompts me to order 5 to change my entire preamp section. Indeed, anyone with tube amp knows that the sound is not only thanks to the lamps, but all the electronics behind in the amp (otherwise we shall craft all amp Mesa Boogie Dual sided sticking lamps in a Mesa amp Jet City or Bugera).

So I want to clarify that I do a lot of metal, I use 8 string guitars with active microphone, so my opinion is still quite stained. Brief try in my gear section to get an idea.
So I turn my 5 JJ and puts the AMT instead. They are simple, black with a small white circle.
I turn on my amp and oooh, this little white circle turns orange! Fun, we keep the color code of a tube amp (that is sure green or blue, good, less credible!).

I play a bit on the gain and the thing that surprises me high channel, low noise. Ba yes it is super optimized such thing, no microphonics either!
Regarding the sound, well I did not see any difference except for a gain lower than I naturally compensated with the gain knob of the channel of my amp, lightly coat.

It's really great bluffing, I was expecting a fairly narrow sound like a transistor amp, but it was not, we keep the same behavior as a conventional lamp. They were not kidding these Russian, is a sacred R & D behind it. It has beautiful shades, giving this natural harmonic heat. Anyway, I'm amazed!

Therefore recommend anyone with a tube amp that rotate and want reliability. However, you should know that these lamps match features "classic", so if you had Tunk Sol / Sovtek and other ba within the aura gain is certain, so it will adjust the settings.

Good news, AMT has confirmed the release of EL34 and 6L6 for spring 2014 according to the same concept! I already know what I'm going to order

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